Today’s Snippet-From My Work In Progress- Reconciliation (Perhaps?)


“Mars!” he yelled. Pound, pound, pound. “Open up, its important!

The door flew open and he fell forward a bit, mid pound. He looked up and Mars was glaring at him like he’d never seen him do before. Jeremy decided his attitude was too much to bear. It made him angry and he shoved the fellow with all his might. Mars fell back for a mere second before he returned the aggression. Jeremy found himself on the floor.

Rule number four for Time Mechanics was that he couldn’t use any new skills given him for his own gain.

He didn’t care. He wanted to punch the man; more, he wanted to shred him. His eyes narrowed and he saw an opening and vaulted to his feet. He put a lot of force into that uppercut. Mars landed two feet into his front room and splintered a flimsy looking bench he had there. Jeremy rushed to stand over him.

“Listen, you stack of…” he started yelling before his feet were swept out from under him and he landed next to Mars a second later.

“No, you listen!” Mars roared.’


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