Today’s Snippet With Yawn…


This is from my ‘Black Poodle Over Seven Hills‘ story, which will be released in October by my publisher, Satin Romance. I’m going through the edits right now and it’s hard when I read passages like this. Nap time!

‘It was three thirty now, and the rain outside had darkened the windows to yellow. The pink walls oozed comforting vibes as they blended with the parchment-yellow light. The bed Timothy had folded for her made her think of the child’s poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, “The Land of Counterpane.” She felt cocooned and suddenly very sleepy. She yawned and plugged in her new lamp. Its golden light was muted, and she put it in the corner to light the room should she wake in darkness. Then she lay down on her comforter and curled into Timothy’s blanket. Emotional upheaval followed by all of that shopping had made her tired. The apartment rested with her; no sounds from the outside intruded. The refrigerator ticked just to keep the environment from getting too silent. She drifted off and slept hard.’


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