Near Death Experiences


Death dreams come near as you sleep, awaken you with a jolt.

I’ve dreamed I was killed, but I was just in an action movie.

I’ve had my dreams nearly die too.

What is so poignant about the death of a dream?

When your dream of accomplishment nears death you understand things.

God had dreams, I think. Even He got hurt when His dreams nearly failed.

He dreamed we would all love Him. He dreamed we’d love each other.

To fulfill that dream He made the whole world.

His bright painting of pretty colors got splattered with dull grays and maroon slashes.

And His marvelous writing skills!

He wrote such wonderful words- even Jesus is called Logos.

Jesus who died to save us and express God’s love.

All are like our own dreams of art.

We want to express it, share it with the world and be understood.

Artists, don’t let your dreams die.

Awake with a jolt and see the beauty all around you.

Remember that God, the greatest creator of all, took many risks.

Among other things He’s made little flowers, grandiose sunsets, piercing stars, and you.


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