Blog Tour: Donuts in an Empty Field


Today I’d like to welcome a guest to my blog~ her name is Rachel Barnard and she’s a friend of mine! Take a look at her book! Here’s an interview with the author:


So Rachel, tell me about yourself, by that I mean, give me an author bio?


As you can see from this answer, her book is due to come out soon- June 3rd, to be exact or as the occasion is also known, National Donut Day!! Here’s some links, please check them out:

Important links:

Big Donuts Giveaway ):

June 3rd Online Release Party:

Donuts Goodreads link:

Donuts Amazon Order link:

Thunderclap marketing signup link:

Rachel Barnard Newsletter Signup:

Last but not least, I’m to make sure and tell everyone what my favorite donut is. That’s easy, just a plain glazed donut is best! Umm Ummmm!

glazed donut




  1. rachelauthorbarnard · May 31, 2016

    Thanks Fluffygolarky! My favorite donut is also a glazed. Recently, I found my favorite glazed donut at Donut Factory in Lynnwood.


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