Simpering Snippet


From a romance I started, but apparently never got beyond a half a chapter. Do you guys think I should ever try to finish it?

*                       *                         *

‘Dramatic, simpering female seeks ruggedly handsome, arrogant jerk.’


Dorsey McClellan paused over the keyboard and an evil grin spread over her face. If she were being forced to place an ad for a man to guide her through territory she could navigate herself, she might as well have fun with it. Bijou would see that hiring a superfluous male was a bad idea as soon as the respondents to this ad showed up. One glance at the line of smarmy, unwashed, demented-eyed commandos picking their teeth with the blade of their well-used, nicknamed, hunting knives would send Bijou running for the hills. Once her stepmother removed the fellows from the front hall the woman would be back to hire out the carpet cleaning.

And then perhaps she’d leave Dorsey alone. She grinned again and resumed her typing.


‘Must be patient with a tender girl who needs to talk about her inner feelings and gently weep while expressing her hopes and dreams.’


Dorsey didn’t worry about the amount of letters in the ad; after all, Bijou insisted she was paying for it.


‘Must be able to wrestle wildlife, plot a course from the stars, and carry a large, cream-colored trunk on his shoulders should the ground become too difficult for the pushcart. Then must be able to carry the pushcart.’


Dorsey paused again wondering if Bijou intended to try and discover where she’d placed the ad.’



  1. artistpath · May 16, 2016

    Sounds like an intriguing adventure awaits! I want to hear more!


  2. Ellen · May 16, 2016

    If it becomes a comedy adventure I’d say go with it but not a romance novel! I’m biased of course.


    • winneyb · May 16, 2016

      My romances often are more adventure romance than traditional romance novel anyways. But always I have a romantic relationship…


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