Spider Poem

From one of my early manuscripts. Very much the dancing slave girl, the red-headed minstrel with the Peter Pan grin, and the drama. She’s a spinster with a spider locket of poison that’s released if ever a man gets too intimate. Only problem is, what happens if she falls in love with said minstrel? How can The Spinster’s Code be broken?


Eight legs adorn the golden pendant

Eight purposes to fill a heart,

Eight times to prove that he is worthy

Before a new life can start.


Some feats are difficult, some pass with ease

Like life the path winds down,

A man can smile with days of peace

Or woes can make him frown.


But love’s true test will have its way

Eight times a man proclaim,

That he will wait, his hand outstretched

Hoping she will choose his name.

The code of an ancient spinster


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