Rock Man


There’s a wonderful blog I follow and today she posted a picture of her dad and told us how he prays for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren every night. It touched me so much and made me think of other strong and quiet men of God I’ve known who support us in ways we can’t imagine.

James 5:16b- The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

I committed my life fully to Jesus in 1979, the summer before I turned 18. It was like going from black and white movies to color. I went with my sister to this little Assembly of God church in our neighborhood. We rocked the worship time and the pastor would get impassioned and yell ‘Praise the Lord’ a lot during his sermons. People would stand up and speak in tongues, and someone else would stand up with the interpretation. It was a unique experience of early fellowship!

But there’s one thing I really remember about my time worshiping there. At the door, every Sunday morning, an old gentleman in a comfortable suit would greet every visitor and shake their hands.

Funny how the feel of his firm, dry handshake stuck with me in memory when most of the other details about the people there faded. I can still feel his handshake in my memory to this day. I realized years later this handshake was that dear old man’s ministry. I felt the  blessing of God in that handshake. The Lord honored his servant’s heart and passed on love to every visitor that came in the door, young or old, mean or nice, fake or true-hearted.

I wonder how much time on his knees it took to earn the privilege of giving out that handshake.


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  1. Ellen · May 6, 2016

    Loved reading your testimony and the story of the old man giving a hearty handshake to all who entered. The use of this gift of encouragement was powerful for sure.

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