A Prayer for Prince

     Way back in the early 80’s, I remember having such a Purple Rain phase. (Except for the crude parts, ha ha.) My friend and I saw the movie several times and I always marveled at the talent. But being such an earnest little Christian I remember I prayed for Prince, many times. One day I wondered about my prayers- since I knew I would never meet the man and certainly never know if they’d been answered.
       Not long later I came home from work and did something I never did at home. I turned on the Christian radio station. Working all day in a day care center taking care of the babies, I never wanted background noise when I got home from work and would usually go straight to my room and take a nap. So I was barely paying attention to the radio, because it was the talking blah-blah that goes on between the music.
      But then I realized that a Christian recording artist was talking on the radio and he’d mentioned Prince. I felt a strange tingle. The man described how he was staying in a hotel somewhere on tour and when he got on the elevator he found he was sharing it with Prince. He had just a few minutes with the man before he reached his floor and departed but in that time they had a short, but vibrant conversation about God. All of a sudden I realized that God was showing me the answer to my prayer- and not only that- that God had made certain that I would hear, out of all the radio moments in a week, that particular bit of a one minute interview given at a time when I never listened to the radio.
     You see, God told me, it didn’t matter that Prince was famous and I was just a young woman living a quiet life in far away Seattle. God knew us both.Since then, in a weird way, but I am weird- Prince has been kind of special to me.

One comment

  1. artistpath · April 22, 2016

    Synchronicity at work – God’s way of connecting us all. Hugs!


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