Thoughtful Me…


Driving and thinking of a plot- the thought is fleeting. Butterfly thought;  it’s wings fold and open away. Either my brain is empty or too full of nonsense- ha! Get to the writing group and see all the bright faces and I start working-


Soon I have a pictorial scene of the scattering of my thoughts. They say writing is a solitary craft. Part of it is, I guess. But it takes other people to set your brain alight. Other influences to train and comfort you. Not just others trying to accomplish the same thing as you, but friends, family and God who is busily giving us gifts of Spring days and  gorgeous sunsets culminating in tonight’s full moon.


For this moment, surrounded by such special gifts, I feel like a butterfly. Perhaps I can write tonight!


One comment

  1. Ellen · April 21, 2016

    You certainly took advantage of that whole notebook page!


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