2 Corinthians 5


*   That we should long for death

Leave this old body behind

with it’s grind and it’s worries

Among the rest of the blind and once-blind.

*    Walking through a crowd

of those who cannot see

No one knows our hands are out

Our faces full of sympathy.

*    I’ve caught a glimmer of light

I see a shaft of Heavenly glory

I sing and choke on interruptions

I trot and fall while telling my story.

*   Jesus will one day send me

My half-promises complete

His hand and His heart surround me

The tangled road will uncross for my feet.

*   Say love, I’ll cry

as my voice divides

my song dissolving like a whisper

Find Him here, I’ll beg

hold up a light among the blind-

Sweet to cling to the beauty of forever.



One comment

  1. Ellen · April 5, 2016

    Looking forward to the beauty of forever…


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