Struggle Story Snippet

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to finish my current Work In Progress…


Today’s Snippet~ From my Possibly Doomed Crossover Story~

‘When he woke up his eyes opened to see a red-headed elf leaning over him. He blinked. That was certainly not what he expected. He had to stare in amazement. It was true. The fellow had pointy ears, Vulcan eyebrows, and purity of skin. The green, unblinking eyes were wide-spaced and glistening, and the red hair was curly and thick. Intelligence pierced down from the creature’s gaze.

“Greetings,” the elf said.

“Uh… hey,” he said back.


“What’s up?”


He was beginning to wonder if the elf was as intelligent as he appeared. He grunted as he got up, but hope soon died. He was still in the strange environment, although he could breathe and the temperature was comfortable now. He kicked at the ground and the surface, although it looked like weedy grass over soil, didn’t fray into dust and plant parts. It was for the visionary senses and not for touch. That wasn’t real soil, but only something that looked like soil. He sighed and turned and then stiffened.

Now there were two elves. They were dressed in slightly different clothes but they were identical as their two sets of green eyes watched his every movement. He wondered if he’d imagined cloned fairy tale creatures as he’d passed out….

“No,” he growled, refusing the possibility of more imaginary objects birthing from the sky above him and then falling on him.

“Forgive me,” said one of the elves, “but are you speaking to us?”

He turned and glared.

“Why do you speak English?” he demanded.

The elf shook his head.

“I’ve never heard the common language referred to as ‘English’.”

“Wait a minute! I’m speaking English all right, but now I really listen, you’re not! How is it your language comes out as English?”

“Our language,” said the other elf, “has not changed. You, however, do appear to be speaking a different language that ends up sounding like the common language to us.”

He shook his head. This was pointless.

“Did you bring me here?” he demanded. “What is this place?”

One elf turned to the other and muttered a comment.

“The Human looks confused, doesn’t he?” he asked his twin. “And he seems to be blaming us for his displacement into this strange place.”

“From that we can assume that he isn’t the one that displaced us,” the other muttered back.’


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