When I was pregnant for the second time I worried. I loved my little Meribeth so much, what if I didn’t love the second child the same? I had, like other times when I’ve been pregnant, strange and disturbing dreams. I wasn’t sure I could accomplish all that parenting two children would require. My husband, who’d been the soul of attention and pampering the first time I was pregnant, suddenly was too busy with the burdens of work, a new mortgage and credit card debts we’d gotten under since the first time we were in this situation. I felt it like never before- I was on my own. We’d recently moved to our small town and I knew no one in the area.

We took a birth class from a wonderful woman and teacher, Penny Simkin. (She literally wrote the book on Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn- check it out! Anyway, she asked me why I was taking her class a second time. My two babies were only 17 months apart and I already knew what she had to teach me about labor and delivery. I admitted I was feeling insecure and she listened to me so kindly. I told her about my fears on love.

That’s when she gave me a beautiful analogy. Love, she’d heard it said, was like holding a candle. The flame burns steady and when the time comes, you can lift a new candle to the first and light a second wick from the first fire. It didn’t matter how many candles you lit, that first flame always remained. Love can spread and a heart can hold as much love as necessary.

That mental image she gave me comforted me I could love any additional child I might have and lucky thing. Eventually I had six babies and I needed all the patience and affection I could find! But the theory about the candle held true. I loved and loved some more. God made the human heart elastic to hold an endless amount of love.




  1. Ellen · March 13, 2016

    So many of my friends and family who were pregnant with their 2nd had these feelings or similar feelings. Some felt like they were betraying their firstborn. Glad you got some good counsel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. artistpath · March 16, 2016

    That was beautiful! I love the candle analogy. Our hearts are bigger than we know!


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