Over There


mother garden

A child without care; where failure doesn’t sting
Where worries undescribed; fade as never been
Over there the horizon; the colors bright as blue
Sings of wistful journeys; love and fellowship true

Right here a cloud obscures; eyesight dims in night
Things built form uneven ridges; pallor gray and trite
Older not yet wise; Tired movements repeated
Puzzles unsolvable rise; glitter-wealth defeated

My Prince came to me; Jesus, love of my life
His tune so sweet; innocence, my youth delight
I was a child of hope; of 1970’s fire
Decades later now I know; ambition will retire

Over the distance my mind to wander; yearn my future
His love both a memory and a trust; a sparkle allure
He’s over there fairy tale distant; but best of all I’ll cling
He’s right here too; holding, supporting, and wondering

When I’m going to figure it out; lay my head and rest
I’m old but still young enough; forgiven again and blessed
Oh God hold me; never let me go
I meant it all the times I’ve said it; I really love You so


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