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Here’s my review from SPR. Again I get the comment there’s not enough women characters in Roots Entwine, but in my defense I was writing it for my boy, subconsciously, and that was the world he lived in at the time. He had a lot of guy friends he traveled with, many of them on the same rocky road as he was. When thinking of Josiah and the world he lived in, perhaps the girls he told me about seemed a bit bratty to me, and nonexistent. It made me sad he couldn’t get a girlfriend. But I promised him one in my story, like the glimmer of a first kiss from a girl with surprising heart. Of course I’m not going to tell all reviewers this. I wrote Roots Entwine to give young adults a fantasy with noble heroes and a lot less misery than some of the books available to them. But I also wanted to tell young people who have mental challenges, like my son, that the different way in which their minds work- although it may seem like a curse- could be a gift. We should all value the rare kids who see things from a unique perspective the rest of us can’t understand. They are a blessing forever.



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