Growing Up

vintage beach

Dear Lord, You wait for selfish children

I play with my dreams and toys until bedtime each day
And build slightly crooked block towers.

At that moment the height of the tower is all I see.
I sulk when the tower is knocked down.
I refuse to see the bigger picture- until long moments after
The mess is piled back in the box.

Until I feel Your embrace and Your soothing voice
Whispers in my ear- ‘Shhh, it’ll be all right.’

And the next day I graduate to sand castles
Molded under a changeable sky and open to the elements
Of a rainy world.

Patiently You teach by example.
‘Die for others,’ You say. ‘Love, and wait, and hold on.’

Very, very slowly, I begin to figure things out,
Once the sand castle has been smooshed and forgotten.

Once the haze of wrecked, personal glory and wannabes,
Clears from my vision.

Then I remember being held in your arms.
The tickle times when we laughed together.
The way I murmured in your ear, ‘I love you too!’
In that moment, You were my vision, and all I saw.

Rare those moments, and too much time in between.
But hopefully enough so you say,
‘The kid’s gonna learn it someday.’
Like all good fathers, You believe in me.


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