Working on a Wish


Hi Everyone! The reason I haven’t made a blog post in a few days is that I’ve been tidying up my Cinderella’s stepsister story to send to a potential agent. It’s called ‘Another Cinderella’ and it’s a pretty good story, if I do say so myself! Here’s a snippet, and by the way, isn’t above doll cool? You can by it here, on ebay.

(And, if my writing drives you wild, you can buy one of my books on Amazon! Here’s a couple of links.

Snippet: ‘The next day she watched her mother and sister like a hawk. Now that she came to think of it, the shopping expeditions they constantly went on wielded very little substance. Apparently her mother’s stomach was requiring her to utilize their finances at the fine restaurant instead of costuming her sister anew. That was why Alexandria was now preening herself and wearing Atlantia’s favorite blue silk. Alexandria was taller and plumper than Atlantia had been, but she’d managed to squeeze into it. It was a beautiful dress, thought Atlantia, as she watched them leave out of the window. It flattered her sister as much as she could be flattered. Due to Atlantia’s newfound animosity towards her family, she found her little sister even less appealing. They’d been somewhat close before the change, understanding in an unspoken way the common similarities of their existence. But Alexandria was not as intelligent as she was, and the shallow goals of her mother for them were all she saw in reality. Briefly as she watched them saunter to their victuals she wondered if Alexandria would have turned out any differently if she’d been born with parents who had nurtured her mind and encouraged her to attempt her own goals. But for now she was selfish, trite and unpleasant. She had gloated at Atlantia that morning as she had run her hand possessively over her wardrobe. Mindlessly she’d picked up several of Atlantia’s trinkets, and had blinked in surprise at the fierce reception her action received. It was if she’d forgotten Atlantia would be bothered by her casual acceptance of Atlantia’s possessions. After they’d left Atlantia took her jewelry and hid it. She wanted to save it for any possible necessities. Then she stood in her bedroom.
She pulled one of her newly made over dresses out of the chest she’d been hiding it in, and hurried to put it on. She knew she had several hours before they’d return. She wondered with an unkind smile if the chefs at the restaurant cringed when they walked up. They could eat a lot.’


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