Floating Other-Worldly

Orange Flower Compilation

My friend is reading my Invisible girl story right now. She’s two-thirds of the way done. As she expressed to me her feelings about it, how intense it was in places so she had to put it down, and how it’s not like most of what I usually write… I felt my mind float off into the messages and themes of my book.

This afternoon I started reading from the place where she’s at, and finished reading my book all the way through. I saw it with new eyes, and lived in it like no one else could, since I created the fantasy world.

It was great fun, settled in at a coffee shop, lost in my multitudinous words, floating off into fantasy knowing my friend understands, for just  a little while, my perspective.

I think it’s so cool that God’s an artist, and encourages us to find and express the art in ourselves. It’s one of the many gifts He’s given.


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