Faded Rainbow


I saw my friend hurry out of her workplace today with her camera. She didn’t notice my wave. I wondered, what’s she taking a picture of? Driving around the corner, I saw it for myself. The pretty rainbow stripe across the front of our little local mountain. Ooh ooh, I thought, pulling over as soon as the mountain came out behind the tree shadow. I climbed out of my car, fumbled my phone out of my purse. I found the camera icon on the tiny screen. I held it up, keeping my hand from… but no. The rainbow was almost gone!

How many times does that happen in life? In trying to process our moments instead of live in them we miss a stripe of beauty splashed in front of our eyes.

Thankfully my friend got her picture taken in all its glory. I saw it posted myself later, in her blog. With friends in your life opportunities aren’t lost. In sharing their joy, the rainbow comes to life for you again.



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