Eager Heroes

When I moved to Snoqualmie, I had one 9 mo. old baby. There was a little park a block away. It had a playground with one of those self-propelled merry-go-rounds, long chain swings, and a truly scary slide. This park was real. Actual fun involves risk.

Years later the city decided to ‘renovate’ the park, and remove the dangerous play yard features. They put in one of those hard plastic playgrounds instead. Very safe. You could play it out in twenty minutes flat. Kids had to climb on the roof of it to threaten life and limb and I’ve seen it done. They adapt.

I sneered at the new play yard. I missed the old- everywhere I saw parks with no swings- a basic kid skill that can no longer be acquired. The city took some of the space that used to have a few trees and poured flat concrete. They put in a few basketball hoops. Humph, I thought. No one’s going to bother playing basketball at a little preschool play yard park.

Count me wrong. Guys from everywhere started showing up. ‘If you build it, they will come.’ Even I hungered to find my basketball and play there. (I did, and lost a game of ‘HORSE’.)

Thanks to Marcie for sharing this great story on Facebook.



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