I’m Reaching out

That’s right, folks. I know there are other people in the world like me- who search for happy endings in movies, books and hopefully, life! What happens when situations overwhelm? When problems grow tall- do we escape into misery or radiance?

I heard my dear Lord tell me a story about a peddler one day while I was walking. I saw the peddler’s loneliness. I noted he thought to himself that although he couldn’t eat the food in the marketplace, he could smell it and no one could take that from him. But it didn’t help much. He left town in despair and wandered down a dusty road. He came upon a beautiful mansion, never meant for him for he was shut away from fullness and beauty. And then a servant ran out of the house, arm outstretched. The Master was inviting the peddler inside.

There was a banquet prepared, and warmth and love. The Master claimed the peddler as His own- he was to inherit everything. As I walked I could feel the peddler’s sense of wonder- and the beauty of his surroundings meant more to him because of the poverty he was leaving behind. Heaven has meant more to me since then.

So maybe I like noble heroines and heroes. Perhaps I’m idealistic to the point of unreality- but I know there’s a happy ending to be found in this life.

The distant wall of Heaven;

Beacons in the sun;
Hope and love are fresh air and light;
His hand the only one;
That can lead us home…




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